A new way to brew

Product Design / GUI / Branding
Project Overview
Heat uses simple conduction technology to reinvent the hot drinking culture. Not only does it do away with unhygienic limescale prone kettles but also reduces waste water and energy
by 45%, reducing a large amount of carbon.
My Contributions
This independent project was a passion of mine for five weeks. From interviewing controlled groups, to designing the 3D prototype I worked only with the help of the people i interviewed and the homes that I entered. The brand and UX are all quick conceptual aspects of this project which spurred my creative thinking in my personal time outside of work.

The device is assisted with an app which has a clean and minimal in design.
Brand consistency was important and that all the elements either digital or physical
felt as if they are in the same ecosystem. Each element of the brand has an animated
property which lifts the communication and does not detract from the product.